March 25th Press Release

Community Group to Oppose Turbine Test Project

On Monday afternoon, March 24, a diverse group of citizens met at the Bristol Library for the launch of a new organization, Friends of Muscongus Bay. The mission of the Friends of Muscongus Bay is to “preserve, protect and improve the working waterfronts and unique ecosystems of Muscongus Bay.” It was noted during the inaugural meeting that the new group is hopeful of having an impact both now and into the future on the many economic and environmental gifts and opportunities that are provided to all that work and visit the area embraced by the beautiful Muscongus Bay.

Of immediate concern, however, is the wind turbine test project that is slated to impact the area.  While not opposed to the exploration of alternative forms of energy, from the information gathered to date, Friends of Muscongus Bay feels that the test project situated south of Monhegan Island and linked by cable to the Bristol area will have a severe negative impact on the area’s Lobster Fishermen and others who make their livelihoods on and by the water.  It will also have extreme negative consequences on the delicate environment of the Bay, including marine life and endangered birds. 

As its initial area of focus, Friends of Muscongus Bay is working to create a coalition of organizations and individuals to oppose the project.

The inaugural meeting was attended by Nancy and Nate Hanna, Rev. Julia Wilson, Sheila McLain, Dr. Andrew Fenniman and Jason Lord, with an additional 50 plus people already having expressed interest in participating.  Friends of Muscongus Bay will continue to meet on Mondays, with the next meeting scheduled for Monday, March 31 at 7pm downstairs of the New Harbor Methodist Church.  All are welcome to attend. For additional information, or to get involved, please email the Friends of Muscongus Bay at