FOMB Update on Monday May 12th Meeting

At last night’s meeting, Jason and I gave an update on our meeting with the Director of the Governor’s Energy Office (Patrick Woodcock), who relayed to us that, from his perspective, the project was dead.  (Contrary to the spin you have been seeing in the news.)
That being said, we still need to be diligent in moving forward as there are still multiple issues needing to be addressed, and it is possible the MAV project, or something similar, could be resurrected. We are taking a number of approaches, for example: working with Bristol, Monhegan Plantation, and other towns on the Bay on changing legal ordinances, structures etc. that will be more favorable to protecting us; working on having the Monhegan test site rescinded through State agencies, and, if need be, legislation in the fall; and others.

A few things to note from the last night:

1. The Bristol Wind Power Advisory Committee meets tonight at 6 pm and The Selectmen meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 pm, both meetings at the Bristol Town Hall.  As UMaine has canceled its attendance at the Advisory Committee meeting this evening, we would encourage people to attend the Selectmen’s meeting tomorrow instead.  At that meeting, our recently submitted petition will be discussed.  A strong turnout would be helpful and appreciated.

2. We are working on a FAQ pamphlet that can be distributed to returning summer residents and visitors.   We will hold an informational meeting in July to fill in details for folks.

3. Over the summer months, we will move to holding our meetings the first Monday of each month – unless there is something specifically we need to be doing/addressing.  Our next meeting will be Monday June 2nd, 7 PM at the New Harbor Methodist Church.
Thank you to all who attended and to everyone for their hard work. Let’s keep moving forward. 

"The protagonist is often an ordinary person, who finds himself faced with grave injustices from powerful forces and has the choice to flee in fear or to fight for his beliefs. And history also shows that seemingly ordinary people who are sufficiently resolute about justice can triumph over the most formidable adversaries."

Let’s remain resolute.