Lobstermen's Union Backs FOMB and Elected Officials Oppose Project

Thank you to the more than 80 people who came to last night's meeting to express their concerns about the Monhegan Island wind test project.

Meeting highlights:

1.  Numerous concerns regarding potential economic, environmental, and scenic damage were expressed.

2.  All 4 elected officials - Sen Chris Johnson, Rep Mick Devin, Rep Jeff Evangelos and Rep Ellen Winchenbach - while varied in their views regarding pursuing wind technologies - expressed their opposition to the project.  (Our thanks to them for joining us.)

3.  It was announced that the Maine Lobstermen's Union has officially decided to support our efforts.

4.  Our petition to the town is just shy of the number of required signatures.  New sign-up sheets are being placed today in the New Harbor, Bristol and Round Pond Post Offices, as well as at Reillys.  We expect to gather more than the required number by middle of the week.

5.  The importance of talking to friends, colleagues, neighbors about the project was stressed.  It is time to keep getting the word out and to act.

Let's keep the momentum building.