Update on Positions Taken by Elected Officials

Dear Friends,

Following on Monday's meeting and my email Tuesday morning, I wrote to our distinguished guests to clarify and to be sure we were representing their views accurately.

From their emails:

Ellen: "I do oppose the project. I need answers to my many questions."

Chris:  "I expressed that people were raising very understandable concerns, which deserve answers.  I also said that if the two communities (Monhegan and Bristol) voted opposition to siting, I would support them. I will be doing my best to get the AquaVentus project to bring the right people the table, able to provide Bristol townspeople information responsive to the concerns raised."

Mick: "I certainly have reservations for the present site.  However, I fully support the investigation of alternative energy sources.  If a better a site were found I would support the project 100%.  Like Senator Johnson, as the state rep who represents Monhegan and Bristol in the House of Representatives, I will support and work for the needs and concerns of my constituents."

Jeff: "I do not support the project. The siting is ridiculous given the facts that an economically unviable and subsidy needy wind project would be placed amidst our profitable unsubsidized marine resource industry."

Hope that is helpful.  I appreciate their taking the time to make sure we are communicating clearly their points of view.