Memorial Day Greetings

Dear Friends:

Hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day Holiday.

It is hard for me to believe another week has gone by......A few things to update you on, among the many that have happened this past week:

1. There was an article in the Lincoln County News regarding our petition.  You can find it at:

Unfortunately, the article is incomplete in its reporting of the conversation.  Here is the letter I wrote to the Editor in response, and hope will be printed this week:

To the Editor: Regarding the Bristol Wind Power petition, while the article in last week's LCN accurately reflects the comments of Bristol Town Attorney Ms. Villeneuve and Selectman Hanna, it is incomplete.  In consultation with our attorney, in reviewing the Maine statutes to which Ms. Villeneuve refers, we have learned that no statute is ever black and white. The language in these statutes is extremely vague.  It is possible that Selectman Hanna's and Ms. Villeneuve's understanding is incorrect.  When confronted with that possibility, Ms. Villeneuve did not disagree (as can be seen on the recording on LCTV.)  The assumption being made in the writing of the petition is that it is a legal statement.  We would only ask Bristol voters to vote on something that we believe complied with the law.

We are also beginning work on a new petition, which we hope to have ready by the time we meet, one week from today (Monday June 2 at 7 PM at the New Harbor Methodist Church.)

2.  There was a story on WCSH6 news that briefly featured Jason and me.  While difficult to figure the point of the feature, it did at least get our name out there and did not portray us in a negative light.  You can view it at:

3.  UMaine is planning on surveying tourists this summer as they get off the boat on Monhegan with a tablet-based wind turbine simulation.  (Yes, it's true.)  You can read about it at:

4.  It looks like, at the response of the Monhegan Energy Task Force, that UMaine, as soon as there is approval from the FAA, will deploy a weather balloon to show the height of the proposed turbines off the water. We will try and keep you posted as to developments.

And so it continues.....

We look forward to seeing those who can join us one week from today (Monday June 2)  in New Harbor.  My best wishes to your and yours as you celebrate and honor this Memorial Day holiday.