FOMB Meeting Recap and What's Next

Our Top 10 List from Monday's Meeting and a Few Notes on What's Next

10.  Bristol Wind Power Advisory Committee meets this Tuesday May 13, 6 PM at the Bristol Town Hall.  Representatives from MAV and UMaine will be there to answer questions.  Let’s get as many people to attend as possible. (Please note the early start time).

9.  At our next FOMB  meeting is Monday May 12 at 7 PM at the New Harbor Methodist Church. We’ll discuss our approach to the town meeting above...and we’ll do group mailing.

8.  Our petition to the town regarding put the landing of transmission lines in Bristol was submitted with 186 signature s (level needed was 160).  We are seeing if the petition will be addressed at the upcoming meeting of the Selectmen.

7.  We have connected with a group of residents on Monhegan and are working alongside them to establish a successful opposition coalition on the Island.

6.  We have begun engaging with a local lawyer with a lot of experience with wind issues who is particularly keen on helping us fight the cable.

5.  We have a colleague heading to Susan Collins office in DC in a few days and have provided talking points.  Jason and I are meeting with the Director of the Governor’s Energy Office on Thursday.

4. Rep. Jeff Evangelos spoke with an aide to the second in charge of the DOE and is expecting a call back from Dr. Danielson personally.  We had a lengthy strategy call with a DC lobbyist on Wednesday who may be able to help us.

3. Maine Audubon is seriously considering giving us their support due to concerns about the site.  We are waiting to hear back from them in writing.

2. Don Carrigan and Bill Nemitz are both working on stories.

1. Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Don’t forget Mom in the midst of all this hard work.

Our thanks to everyone for their continued support and hard work.  Be sure to "like" us on facebook and to get your friends to sign up our emails through the website,