Update and Invitation

Thanks to all who attended last Monday's meeting. It was great to have the chance to talk about what we’ve been doing strategically, and to hear more about the various perspectives of folks on Monhegan. Time for an important update....

On Wednesday June 18 at 6 PM the UMaine /MAV folks will be having a briefing on Monhegan Island. All are invited. We are working on arranging a group to go out from New Harbor. If you are interested in attending, please email us back (info@fomb.me) and we’ll see what we can organize in terms of transportation. It is important for us to hear from MAV, because we have learned the following since we last met on Monday:

The UMaine/MAV folks have met with the DOE regarding their grant. It would be good to know what they learned in their debriefing. Apparently, even though they won’t have funding for monitoring anything (wildlife, marine life) ahead of time, surveying cable routes, etc., they intend to move forward. They are planning on finishing their design in the next 12 months. It also seems that they are considering, as an option, a single-turbine project that could possibly ahead without government funding (using private funding sources).

This is NOT over.

Here in Bristol, it appears that September will be the earliest time for the special town meeting to be held and a vote taken on our petition.

The Wind Power Advisory Committee (WPAC) is still trying to arrange a meeting with the MAV folks and have yet to hear back from them. For some reason, The Bristol WPAC flyer with information about the project did not go out with the tax bills as previously discussed. The WPAC is looking at the possibility of doing a separate mailing. We continue to work on our FAQs/pamphlet, with the plan to have it ready for the Round Pond parade in July.

Speaking of the parade, Mike Malgieri (mjm434@gmail.com) is heading up a crew from FOMB, with help of Robin Boisvert. If you’d like to help out, and want to have FUN supporting our community with this float project, please drop Mike an email. It’s a great opportunity for us to inform the public while having a great time and a lot of laughs.

Thanks for your continued involvement and support.