Univ of Maine Folks Visit Bristol Tomorrow

I trust you are enjoying this amazing day.  Just wanted to remind you that representatives of UMaine will be here in Bristol tomorrow, Monday night June 23, at the Town Hall at 6 PM.  It would be great if there were lots of folks there to ask questions.  (Regretfully, I can't be.)

If you'd like a look at the slides that were used for their Monhegan meeting last week, they can be found at http://fomb.us8.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=7260316b678e0ec9845bd54db&id=6afb7c6918&e=36e61df737  Might be nice to review them prior to the meeting.

We will also post a link to a recording of the Monhegan meeting as soon as it becomes available and will put out another update after Monday's meeting.

More soon - and thanks!