Update on Last Night - and Time to Act

Dear Friends,

One week from tonight, Wednesday Oct 1, is the special Bristol Town Meeting.  Please mark your calendar now and encourage folks you know to attend.
We encourage people to vote “NO” on the Citizens Petition and to vote “YES” on the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.  Both votes will strengthen our options and protections regarding the cable coming across the bay and connecting to the mainland.
Last night, UMaine representatives were at a very odd meeting in which they were asked to update people on the project and to answer questions.  A few things that were said that may be of interest, followed by a thought from me:
1.  The current plan is for the cable to land on the west side of Long Cove Point, though other options are being looked at including paying private property owners for the rights to access their property.  (Does this mean they are planning on landing on the small beach as that is town property?)
2.  There is a 150 foot exclusionary zone on both sides of the cable.  (Given how narrow Long Cove is, does this mean there will no longer be any lobstering allowed in Long Cove?)
3.   The cable has to be connected to the grid because the power needs to be sold to help pay for the project. (Last Spring UMaine said that the power had to be connected only because it needed to be dispersed somewhere.)
4.  UMaine will provide for free for of the power needs of Monhegan - 10% of the power generated by the turbines.  (If the power is really needed to pay for the project, are they really going to give away 10%?  Perhaps that’s why some Monhegan residents were leary when they were told they would be provided the power if UMaine “could afford it.”)
5.  When the wind isn't blowing, power for Monhegan will be provided by the mainland. (Thus, there is no plan to store power on the island.)
6.  When asked about the planned cable for the Statoil project, the answer back was “We aren’t aware.”  (While general knowledge is that it was a north-south planned cable, not east-west and was therefore much less controversial.)
As a matter of fact, at least 6 times, in response to simple and straightforward questions, the answer back was "I don't know" or "I don't have that information with me." 
It was a befuddling meeting.
Our newspaper ad will be published today; postcards will be mailed before the weekend.
Please keep spreading the word for people to come on Wed Oct 1 at 7 PM at the Bristol Consolidated School.  Your vote, and your presence, matters.