Do we really need to destroy “life as it should be” to be “open for business”?

We think that is a false trade-off, which is why the Friends of Muscongus Bay has taken the position that the use of the test site off of Monhegan Island is THE issue, not whether wind power is good or bad. (That can be left for another time.)  The question is, is this the BEST place for this test to be performed?
And make no mistake -- this is not an academic research program. It is about business.  As Ralph Nader recently wrote, “Unlike academic science, the experiments of corporate science are neither peer-reviewed nor done openly.  And this for-profit science is obviously a lot more connected to corporate political muscle in Washington, DC, than what is produced in the academies.”  Just note the number of documents that have been redacted, and the number of times the answers to questions keep changing.  You can see that this is a commercial enterprise for which the people of Bristol, Monhegan Plantation, and up and down Muscongus Bay are being asked to bear the brunt of the costs.
When two of us met this spring with the Director of the Governor’s Energy Office, Patrick Woodcock, we asked how come the test site wasn’t located further down in southern Maine.  His response was to the effect, “What?  Are you kidding?  Near all those rich people?”  I guess it was assumed that the citizens making a life on  a struggling island and the hard working people on the peninsula wouldn’t have the energy to stand up for themselves.
When asked about the potential impact of the laying of the cross-bay cable, and the cable itself, on the lobster fishery and the lobster fishermen, we were told, “It is a dying industry anyway.”
The special Bristol Town Meeting is on Wednesday, Oct 1 at 7 PM at the Bristol Consolidated School. 
Two 576 foot tall turbines with a 15 mile long, 6 to 7 inch wide cable having a potential life span of 20 years, situated 2.5 miles off of Monhegan Island.  Is this really the best place for this commercial research project to be performed? Do we really need to destroy “life as it should be” to be “open for business”?  Please come and vote “NO” on the citizen’s petition.