Our recent email to Governor Mills regarding LD 994

Dear Governor Mills:

While I appreciate your clean energy agenda and understand the frustrations recent decisions by the PUC may have caused, I believe the current proposed legislation, LD 994, is not the answer. It will damage our democratic processes, de-fang the PUC indefinitely, and diminish other governmental bodies that may be treated similarly in the future. 

For the sake our institutions' integrity, might you

  • appoint a new PUC Chair

  • task the Chair to work with MAV on an expedited timeline to get the information they need to make their determination

  • evaluate their proposal

  • respond accordingly?

To force a contract that has long-term impacts on the citizens of Maine (CMP rate payers, for example) without an analysis of the costs/benefits is fiscally irresponsible, regardless of the sought after outcomes.

If LD 994 reaches your desk, I sincerely ask that you veto it.  There is too much at stake.