The University of Maine, in conjunction with several for-profit corporations, is attempting to launch a wind energy research project off the coast of Bristol, Maine near Monhegan Island. The current plan is to install two 328-foot-tall floating wind turbines, with a maximum blade height of approximately 576 feet above the water, with a combined 12 megawatt capacity that will be tethered to the ocean floor. A 15 mile, 6-7 inch diameter cable will run from the offshore turbines across Muscongus Bay. Active fishing grounds will be placed off limits. Migratory bird paths will be affected. While we fully support scientific research surrounding renewable energy, we do not support the location of this project due to the overwhelmingly negative impact on our local environment and economy. We are a group of concerned citizens fighting to protect the people and wildlife that make this an amazing place to live. Find out how you can help.